West End United Methodist Church


When a child is born to members of the congregation, the birth is listed in the worship service bulletin on Sunday and a rose is placed on the altar in honor of the child; an adorable lamb shaped sign is placed in the yard of the family announcing our newest addition to the flock. Contact Maggie Jarrell at the church 615.321.8500 or mjarrell@westendumc.org or her administrative assistant Julie Catterton at jcatterton@westendumc.org.


When there is a death in the congregation, please contact one of the pastors right away. The pastors can be reached at the church directly or through their administrative assistants (see contacts below). If the church is closed, you can reach the pastor on-call by using the pastoral emergency extension accessed through the voice mail prompts on the main church number 615.321.8500.


There is always a pastor available for emergencies.

To contact the pastor on-call: Dial the main church line 615.321.8500 and follow the voice prompts.

Pastoral Counseling

Short-term counseling is available from any of the pastors. Contact Erin Racine at 615.321.8500 ext. 8838 or via email at eracine@westendumc.org to schedule a pastoral counseling session or for longer term counseling referrals to the Insight Counseling Center of Middle TN.

Hospital and Nursing Home Visitation

Please contact the church if you or a loved one is going to be hospitalized. The pastors visit those in the hospitals or recovering at home as much as often as possible. Cindy Siemer coordinates these visits. Often our Lay Ministers of Congregational Care or Caring Callers stay in touch with our homebound and less mobile members.

Contact Cindy Siemer at 615.321.8500 ext. 8822 or via email at csiemer@westendumc.org

Home Ministry (Visitation)

Members of the Caring Callers stay in touch with our home bound members. If you know someone who should be added to the list please contact Cindy Siemer at 615.321.8500 ext. 8822 or via email at csiemer@westendumc.org

Inclusiveness and Disability Awareness

West End UMC believes that all persons have the right to experience the worship of God in a church setting with other believers. The church tries to be responsive to the physical needs of our congregation. Hearing assisted devices, and large print materials are available for all worship services. Accessibility to the building for all people is a high priority. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Rev. Erin Racine.

Wedding Information

Please see Weddings.